• Beer Can Chicken

    Beer Can Chicken

    Beer Can Chicken Beer can chicken is probably one of the most requested meals in my house by my husband. He absolutely loves it, and I’ve been making it for him since we’ve been together. So it is definitely a staple in my meal rotations. It’s a fun, easy, and flavorful meal to make. Plus, it is one you can experiment with, changing flavor combinations up. Such as the type of beer used, the brand of barbecue sauce, the seasoning you use on the skin. It’s a fun meal to try new things with. I’ve done this many times until I came up with what is the family favorite. This…

  • Brown Butter Chicken

    Brown Butter Chicken

    Brown Butter Chicken Brown butter chicken is a favorite recipe of mine. Because it can be made in a single pan, with a small number of ingredients, and be absolutely delicious. It’s quick and easy for my husband and me. This post contains affiliate links Throw together a starch like salt crusted potatoes and a veggie like oven roasted cauliflower or parmesan roasted asparagus, and boom. One complete meal. One of my favorite things about this meal is the brown butter. When you cook butter, it becomes this nutty, deep, and rich flavor. The orange compliments that and brings a pop of freshness to go with such a complex flavor.…

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