Garlic Butter Chicken

Garlic Butter Chicken

Garlic Butter Chicken 

Garlic Butter Chicken is my latest recipe, and it was a huge hit in my household! 

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This garlic butter chicken recipe is so easy to make and will definitely become a staple in my meal rotations. My husband, Nathan, even commented that he wanted me to make this recipe again in the near future. That is high praise when he asked for a repeat! 

Lately I’ve been looking for easy recipes that I can make in about half an hour. Normally on Nathan’s days off I’ll make a really elaborate meal. But I’ve been tired more often than not these days. 

Fall always brings out that want to sleep and kind of hibernate more. So this easy garlic butter chicken recipe that only requires one pan and some delicious ingredients was perfect! 

The best part is that with a decently stocked freezer and pantry, there should be no need to make an extra trip to the grocery store for this garlic butter chicken recipe. With supply shortages becoming the new normal, I love when I can save myself a trip to the store! 

Garlic Butter Chicken Ingredients 

Chicken breast I used 3 chicken breasts and they were big. Plan accordingly based on the number of people you’re cooking for. Chicken tenders also work great in this recipe. 

Salt and pepper, to taste

McCormick Chicken Seasoning, to taste

White wine and/or chicken broth, 1 cup of either, or ½ a cup of each

Garlic, 3 cloves minced

Butter, 2 tablespoons

Olive oil, for pan frying the chicken

Onion, diced 

Mushrooms, sliced

Parsley, fresh, optional

Garlic Butter Chicken Directions 

Start with prepping your chicken. If you’re using larger chicken breasts, pound them out using a meat mallet until they are thin. This will ensure they cook on the stovetop without burning the outside and being underdone on the inside. 

Note, if you don’t get them thin enough, simply pan fry and put in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes to bring the internal temperature up to 165 degrees. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature of your chicken is done and safe to consume. Don’t worry either, I’ve had to do this more than once myself! 

Season the chicken with salt, pepper, and the chicken seasoning. This can be done while the olive oil is heating up in the frying pan over medium-high heat. The pan should be very hot, so give it some time to heat up because this will sear the chicken and create that beautiful golden crunchy crust on the outside of the chicken. That crust makes all the difference in this recipe! 

Sear the chicken on both sides for about five minutes per side. Once the chicken is done, remove it from the pan and set aside to rest. 

Add in the onions and mushrooms and saute. Once the onions are starting to become translucent, add in the butter and garlic. Continue cooking until the butter has melted and the garlic is fragrant, which should only take about one, maybe two minutes. 

Deglaze the pan with the wine and/or chicken broth. I used both in my recipe and loved it. But I always say to use what you have, don’t waste a store trip just for that. Let the sauce simmer and reduce slightly until it is starting to thicken. 

Deglazing the pan is when you add a liquid to a pan and it brings up all the crunchy bits and cooking juices that are stuck to the bottom of the pan, adding an amazing depth of flavor to any sauce. 

Add the chicken back into the pan and let it soak up some of that delicious pan sauce. I like to let mine sit for a couple of minutes with the heat off, and just continue to turn the chicken over so it really has a chance to soak up that sauce. Garnish with parsley and serve! 

It really is that easy! 

Pair With… 

This garlic butter chicken pairs wonderfully with some rice and parmesan roasted asparagus and salt crusted potatoes and a salad. This makes it the perfect easy weeknight meal! 

Garlic Butter Chicken Notes 

The pan sauce may taste a bit salty on its own, but don’t worry. It will mellow out once the chicken is added back in. 

Always make sure your chicken is cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Nobody wants medium-rare chicken! Keep yourself and your family safe by checking the internal temperature before serving. 

What kind of wine to use… Many people ask me about that, and my recommendation is a dry white wine. Chardonnay is my go-to when I want to cook with it. Don’t use anything labeled “cooking wine” because it is just gross. Pick a wine you would normally drink, or enjoy drinking. Also avoid sweet wines for cooking. I pick up the miniature single-serve bottles just for the purpose of cooking with them. 

If you decide to omit the wine and just use chicken broth, that is just fine. The alcohol burns off in the pan and all you’re left with is flavor. But that is totally up to you to use or not. There are options! 

Why I love this recipe 

I love this garlic butter chicken recipe because it is delicious, and it is easy. Enough said! You can’t go wrong with a delicious recipe that takes so little time and is delicious. Plus it only takes one pan to cook the entire thing in, which means less dishes! If you need a dishwashing detergent recipe you can make yourself, click here. Keep the momentum of saving yourself time and money going! 


Have you ever tried this garlic butter chicken recipe? Are you a fan of quick and easy meals? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Find more of my chicken recipes here

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