• Oven Roasted Carrots
    Side Dish,  Vegan

    Oven Roasted Carrots

    Oven Roasted Carrots  Oven roasted carrots are easily one of my favorite side dishes because they pair with almost any main dish.  They require very minimal prepping and are ready in just 45 minutes. They make an amazing weeknight side dish!  This post contains affiliate links Oven Roasted Carrots Ingredients  Carrots, 1 pound (whole, baby, rainbow, take your pick on the variation you enjoy)  Olive oil, 3 tablespoons  Garlic salt, 2 teaspoons  Oven Roasted Carrots Directions  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  If you are using whole carrots, you’ll want to peel and chop them to be a consistent size. That size will also make your cooking time vary a…

  • Easy Zucchini Fritters
    Side Dish

    Easy Zucchini Fritters

    Easy Zucchini Fritters  Easy Zucchini Fritters are my latest side dish recipe that I’ve been experimenting with because I had a bunch of zucchini that needed to be used.  This post contains affiliate links Normally I use zucchini just for zucchini chocolate chip cookies, then grate what is leftover to freeze for the next batch of cookies. But I was bored with the typical side dishes that are my go-to at home, and these easy zucchini fritters made an excellent new addition to my normal rotation.  I made a small batch the first time and Nathan told me the next time I needed to make more. His comment was, it…

  • Loaded Mashed Potato Cups
    Side Dish

    Loaded Mashed Potato Cups

    Loaded Mashed Potato Cups  Loaded mashed potato cups are an easy side dish that will quickly become a crowd-pleaser in your household.  I’ve made these a couple of times now and they are not only delicious, they are just fun. If you like a twice baked potato, you will love these loaded mashed potato cups!  These delicious little cups of happiness are a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, if needed, and repurpose them into something completely different. Or they can be made fresh, and then frozen for later.  This post contains affiliate links Have you made these loaded mashed potato cups yourself yet? If not, come on…

  • Salt Crusted Potatoes
    Side Dish,  Vegan

    Salt Crusted Potatoes

    Salt Crusted Potatoes Salt crusted potatoes are simply amazing! This is my new favorite way to cook potatoes. Potatoes seem boring. Like, there’s only so many ways to dress them up or cook them. This was a new and inventive experiment in making them. I’ve seen it done on TV, but never quite understood how it was done. Until I looked it up and decided to give it a try myself.  Being a wife and homemaker, I am always looking to try new things because the same basic recipes get really boring after a while. The great thing about these potatoes are that the salt removes the excess moisture in…

  • Homemade Fried Rice
    Side Dish

    Easy & Delicious Fried Rice

    Easy & Delicious Fried Rice Easy & delicious fried rice is a favorite recipe in my household. I must confess that I am not a big Asian food fan, but the one thing I’ll always eat is fried rice. Nathan and I went to a Japanese restaurant a while ago where we sat around a table and watched our food being prepared. It was a show, to say the least!  One of my favorite parts is where they make the fried rice. It always looks delicious, and it tastes just as good. Watching it being made inspired me to give it a try at home by myself, and it has…

  • Parmesan Roasted Asparagus
    Side Dish

    Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

    Parmesan Roasted Asparagus Parmesan roasted asparagus is easily my favorite way to enjoy this vegetable. Roasting it in the oven is simply delicious. I feel the same way about cauliflower as well.  This is such a great recipe, because it gets people out of the funk of, oh, it’s asparagus!’ You know where you suggest it, and everybody wrinkles up their nose at even the thought? Yeah, even Nathan, my husband, does that to me.  This is one of those recipes that even he was willing to try. I swear, putting garlic and parmesan cheese on anything will encourage him to try it. He may be a small child in…

  • Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower
    Side Dish

    Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

    Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower Parmesan roasted cauliflower is easily the most requested side dish in my house! I love, love, love oven roasted vegetables, especially roasted cauliflower. They are seriously one of my favorite things to make and eat. Preparation is easy. My husband is even willing to try some vegetables he wouldn’t normally eat when I roast them in the oven. This post contains affiliate links The flavor is incredible, and there is no other way to get that same flavor. Steaming veggies just bore me, and I always worry that I’m going to overcook them. Broccoli is the worst in that regard. Roasting is an incredible way to get…

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