Simple Horseradish Sauce
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Simple Horseradish Sauce

Simple Horseradish Sauce

Simple horseradish sauce is my latest and greatest recipe. This horseradish recipe utilizes fresh horseradish root, and there is simply no comparison. I will not buy horseradish sauce in the store ever again because making my own is just too easy and delicious! 

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My recent recipes have all focused on learning about where food comes from and how to make it myself instead of simply buying it in the store. My favorite aspect in many of these recipes is how easy it is to make my own. This is why this simple horseradish sauce is another new favorite recipe of mine. 

What is Horseradish?

What is horseradish? It is a root that is part of the mustard family. The mustard family includes kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and radish. The flavor and smell of horseradish is very mild, bordering on almost absent until it is grated or ground.

During the grinding process, as the root cells are crushed, isothiocyanates are released. Vinegar stops this reaction and stabilizes the flavor. For milder horseradish, vinegar is added immediately. 

Because vinegar stabilizes the horseradish, if you want a mild horseradish, add vinegar immediately. If you prefer a stronger horseradish, wait a minute or two. Think of it the same way you would garlic or onions that have been minced. The longer either are left to sit out, the stronger the smell and taste become. Horseradish works exactly the same way. 

Horseradish is a healthy flavorful addition to meals, having a whopping six calories per tablespoon of prepared horseradish. Talk about free flavor in a meal! I’m a big fan of mustard for the same reason. It’s basically calorie-free. 

Simple Horseradish Sauce Ingredients

1 cup horseradish root, peeled and cut into cubes. 

½ cup white vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

Simple Horseradish Sauce Directions

If you want a mild horseradish, put all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend until creamy. If a more robust or hot and spicy flavor is the goal, just start blending the horseradish alone. Wait a minute or two, then add the remaining ingredients and blend again until creamy. 

If you want a creamier sauce, add ½ a cup of mayonnaise or sour cream. My personal preference is sour cream simply because I prefer the tangy flavor and the consistency of sour cream over mayonnaise. 

Simple Horseradish Sauce Notes

Be very careful when working with horseradish. The smell once it is in the food processor becomes violently strong! I had clear sinuses and then some! Cleared out sinuses that I didn’t even know I had. I feel like if I ever had kids, their sinuses would be clear from that horseradish too. It was a lot more intense than I had expected. 

If you are sensitive to chopping up onions, you will need these onion goggles to help with that and the horseradish too. Open a window and keep the area of your kitchen well ventilated, as well as tissues or a towel handy. I find pressing a damn kitchen towel over my eyes for a few seconds really helps to control the watery eyes from the horseradish, or even onions. 

Before horseradish is ground up in the food processor, the smell is very mild. It will catch you off guard if this is your first time making this simple horseradish sauce. 

Recipe Additions

For a quick cocktail sauce, mix the horseradish with ketchup until the desired flavor is reached. 

A great breakfast addition would be to add this horseradish to eggs or omelettes for a burst of added flavor without calories. 

For lunch, add the horseradish to any prepared dressing or coleslaw mixture. This would be a perfect spicy addition to ranch dressing. Other great additions would be to use it in devilled eggs or potato salad for a spicy kick. 

For dinner, horseradish is the perfect additional compliment to potatoes. Grate some into mashed potatoes. Or add into sour cream for a delicious baked potato topper. Adding horseradish to potatoes is on my list of things to try! Do you have any favorites? 

Horseradish Pairings

Horseradish pairs well with potatoes, beets, peas, broccoli, and leeks. 

I originally decided to learn to make horseradish as a side dish to a prime rib dinner, because that is a staple for me when paired with a good au jus. Simple horseradish sauce is a delicious addition to roast beef sandwiches. I’ve always loved horseradish on roast beef, but I’ve never been a big fan of store bought horseradish. It is never quite what I want, and part of my motivation for making it myself. 

Storing Horseradish

Once you’ve prepared this simple horseradish sauce, keep it in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator or freezer. It will stay fresh and edible for approximately four to six months in the refrigerator, and even longer in the freezer. If you plan to store it, save adding mayonnaise or sour cream until you are ready to serve or use. 

Horseradish roots will last much longer if left unpeeled and unprocessed. I haven’t explored this much, but the general consensus seems to be that horseradish untouched in root form will last roughly a year. 


Have you ever made this simple horseradish sauce? Do you enjoy horseradish as a compliment to specific foods? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Check out my other condiment and sauce recipes!

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  • Stephanie S

    I’ve never made horseradish sauce, but I would definitely love to give it a try. Adding them to potatoes actually sounds delicious. I had a friend who loved adding it to her eggs. It was her go to sauce. I’m going to give this recipe a try! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  • Zoe

    I can’t wait to make this. I love the taste of horseradish, and I know it’s very medicinal as well. I don’t have many family recipes so it’s always a blessing to share in other people’s.

  • Britt K

    My husband is OBSESSED with horseradish sauce, so this is a recipe that we’re definitely going to be saving and putting to use in our house. I swear, he puts it on everything when he has the opportunity… I’ve even seen him dip his fries in it at one point! lol Maybe I’ll make it while he’s out at work or something as a surprise, he won’t know until I serve it up to him with one of our meals!

  • Subhashish Roy

    I normally am not a fan of any sauce and tend to avoid them mostly unless the dish is very dry. But horseradish sauce sounds it should be nice and healthy. Would love to give it a try at home. That should be an interesting activity to do in this year end holiday.

    • Frank kudla

      I planted some horseradish root a few years ago…grows well…pretty plant. I make horseradish/apple puree. Seems to keep well…no bug would want to get in that glsss jar. I puree horseradish/apple 70/30, still plenty hot. For the more timid 50/50 still like hot mustard. I dry and powder the peels…like white wasabe….be warned.

  • Morgan Paxton

    I’ve never really considered making my own sauces, but making horseradish suace might be the perfect activity for myself and my vegan friend to embark on! She’s a big fan of anything that has a bit of a kick to it and I’m a fan of anything with minimal ingredients. I’m surprised the horseradish will stay good for so long! That’s one of the biggest downsides to making your own stuff – they tend to not last as long as store bought. But nothing can really beat the freshness!

  • Ed Foster

    I am a vendor at a Farmer’s Market. I have never tried this before, but since I grow it, let’s learn. I tried your recipe after looking at maybe 30-40 different ones. I tried your recipe and thought it was pretty good. My wife tried it and it kicked her. She said that it was potent, and it is. The only thing that I changed was the way it was measured. I use an acurate scale for the market and when I make may jams. Instead of cups, I use lbs. all the way down to a .01th of a lb. You recipe is great. I might even try a little here and there and learn to like it.

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