Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
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Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Easy homemade butter recipe is beyond simple to make at home! Have you ever made butter? Most people haven’t even considered it! Check out my easy homemade butter recipe! I have been on a mission lately to learn more about how foods are made, and trying it for myself. This helps eliminate my need to buy them at the store. Butter is the latest one, and it is surprisingly easy to do! 

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With supply shortages being the new normal these days, making even basic things at home is more important than ever. Yes, you can make your own easy homemade butter recipe at home, from scratch, very easily. I am constantly amazed at the sheer volume of things that can be made from milk and cream. Butter is certainly no exception. 

Besides learning to make things myself due to supply shortages, there is a feeling of accomplishment whenever I make something totally from scratch. I feel more self-reliant because I can do something that simple and I’ve expanded my homesteading skills. 

I’ve often talked about knowledge being power and how important learning new skills are for preppers. Making my own butter falls into both of these categories! It is a total win in my book. 

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe Supplies

Stand Mixer

Mesh Strainer



Mixing Bowl

Cream, 1 quart

Salt, to taste

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Easy Homemade Butter Directions

Pour the cream into the stand mixer

Beat the cream at a medium-high speed. I strongly recommend having a kitchen towel handy because it may splatter. I spent some quality time cleaning up my mess because of this. 

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Mix until the cream thickens and starts to separate into chunks of butter and buttermilk. It is really fun to watch. The cream starts out as cream, turns into whipped cream, and then butter and buttermilk. This will take anywhere from 5-20 minutes. I didn’t time mine out because I was busy being distracted by watching butter happen. But it definitely takes a little bit. 

Butter and Buttermilk

Once it reaches the point of being butter and buttermilk, it will be obvious. The butter will be solid and the buttermilk will be sloshing in the bottom of the mixing bowl. I recommend listening for this to happen and shutting the mixer off immediately, because it will make a mess! The buttermilk will slosh and splatter everywhere. I know because I did it, then had to spend some quality time cleaning up my mess. 

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

Have a mixing bowl handy with a mesh strainer and cheesecloth ready when this happens and it is time to drain the buttermilk away from the butter. Using the cheesecloth will help separate even more of the buttermilk from the butter solids, giving you the cleanest product possible. Save and refrigerate the buttermilk for use in other recipes. 

Cover the butter with water and then mix again. Pour off the cloudy water and add fresh water. Do this until the water remains clear and then discard the excess water. This is rinsing the butter of any excess buttermilk, giving a pure product. 

Drain any remaining excess water off of the butter, again using the strainer and cheesecloth. 

Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe


Store the butter in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. 


Making homemade butter is actually a really fascinating process. I was captivated watching it happen. It is also a really impressive thing to do with family and friends around. If you ever really want to impress people around you, make crazy simple things like this or even homemade flan. Stuff nobody thinks about making from scratch will make you look like a genius in the kitchen! 

Cream starts out as cream. Then it becomes whipped cream. Once the whipped cream stage is surpassed, it will become butter and buttermilk. The buttermilk isn’t the same as commercial buttermilk.

Homemade buttermilk is thinner and tends to taste like vinegar. Commercial buttermilk is cultured or fermented, giving it a much thicker texture and tangy taste. I recommend trying out the homemade buttermilk and deciding which one you like better, just be aware that there are differences. 

Color Differences

The color of butter is dependent on what the cow giving the milk is eating. Store bought butter is always the same color because there are additives added to keep it consistent. But don’t worry if your butter looks a little pale or even darker in comparison to store bought commercial butter. 

I made this easy homemade butter recipe for the first time on Thanksgiving this year. Once it was done, I separated half of it out to make a whipped cinnamon and honey butter for the rolls. This was promptly inhaled by everyone around the table! 


Have you ever tried this easy homemade butter recipe? Would you try it, knowing how easy it is now? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! Check out my other condiment and sauce recipes!

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Easy Homemade Butter Recipe
Easy Homemade Butter Recipe


  • Lyosha

    wow! looks like a nice recipe and very useful. we don’t eat butter a lot but it a must for my husband’s favotire traditional pies so we’ll try making it and cookign with it too

  • Britt K

    The only time that I’ve ever tried to make homemade butter was when we were kids and visited a historical site as a field trip. They were using the old school butter churn and we each had the opportunity to make butter ourselves. That being said, I’ve never considered a more modern approach to doing it. This looks so easy to follow, far simpler than I would have assumed if someone just suggested making my own butter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie S

    This is something I’d love to do! I actually took my oldest daughter to an event at our local library, and they had a presentation on Diy butter making. I thought it was very interesting, and we were able to sample some as well. I remember the process wasn’t too long, and honestly I’ve been meaning to give it a try, I just haven’t taken time out to do it. I’ll do it soon for sure! Thank you for sharing the process, and steps with us.

  • Stella

    I once tried to make ghee, using regular butter and I didn’t succeed. Cooking anything is not one of my strengths, but seeing this butter recipe explained, makes me want to give it a go! It may work! We forget that we can make pretty much anything storebought that we take for granted, And how fascinating about the color of the butter. I of course always assumed it would naturally be yellowish!

    • The Prepping Wife

      Color isn’t always consistent. Same goes with chicken eggs, honestly. It really depends on both the breed and diet of the animal, as to what color they will be. Because we are so accustomed to consistency when it comes to store bought things, it seems like there is a problem, when there really isn’t.

  • Sarah

    I’ve only made homemade butter a couple of times but really loved it. The cream can be hard to find where I live, and this was before all of the 2020 shortages, otherwise, I would be making my own butter more often. Next time I see cream in the store I will buy a bunch and make a ton of butter and freeze it.

  • Subhashish Roy

    Wow this is something I am going to try out myself. We have never made butter at home although there are a whole lot of milk products that we are used to making at home. I guess this butter will tadte better than the one we get to buy. Thanks Erica for the knowhow.

    • The Prepping Wife

      That’s actually my next project! Adding some flavors into the butter. The cinnamon and honey butter was a huge hit, so that inspired me to try some other ones too. I can’t wait to share them!

  • Smita

    This took me back to my childhood when we used to make butter & ghee every few weeks! We started off with milk which had to be boiled before consumption since it came fresh from the cow. The milk then developed a layer of cream on top which we skimmed off and stored in the fridge. In 1-2 weeks, we would have enough cream to make the butter which we often used to do manually! Churning the cream with a wooden churner or later on with an electric one we used to make white butter. We kept some part of the delicious butter and with the rest we made ghee.
    I haven’t made butter in ages since it’s so easily available but you’re right in being self-reliant and doing it yourself. We did make ghee often when living in Switzerland but that was from a slab of store-bought butter!

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