Montreal Steak Seasoning
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Montreal Steak Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning 

Montreal steak seasoning is a staple spice blend in my household. Many times I start with that, in addition to salt and pepper whenever I am making a beef recipe. Being a prepper and a homemaker, I love learning to make staple spice mixes and condiments for myself. 

Because oftentimes, I already have the spices in my pantry. Why pay someone else to put them together when I can do it myself? 

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Montreal steak seasoning is said to have originated in a Montreal-based deli somewhere between 1940 and 1950, where an employee started experimenting with making his own blend of spice mixes. 

It was so popular that customers started asking the deli to sell it so they could use it at home. No one really knows what is in the original version, and the ingredient list on the jar is pretty vague. 

Here is my version! 

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning Ingredients 

Salt, 2 tablespoons 

Minced Onion, 1 tablespoon 

Minced Garlic, 1 tablespoon 

Fennel Seed, 1 tablespoon 

Pink Peppercorn, 1 tablespoon 

Black Peppercorn, 1 tablespoon 

Paprika, ½ teaspoon 

Dill, ½ teaspoon 

Garlic Powder, ½ teaspoon 

Onion Powder, ½ teaspoon 

Red Pepper Flakes, ¼ teaspoon 

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Montreal Steak Seasoning mixed up.

Montreal Steak Seasoning Directions 

In a mixing bowl, combine all of the listed ingredients above. Mix until well-combined. 

Store in a mason jar or similar air tight container in a cool dark place. 

When you are ready to use it, shake well, then place some in this spice grinder and use the desired amount. 

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning Notes 

The original recipe I found that inspired me to try making my own Montreal steak seasoning contained cumin. However I didn’t like that mix, and decided to experiment. The cumin in it reminded me too much of Mexican food versus beef recipes. 

Other recipes included dried thyme, dried rosemary, mustard seeds, lemon seasoning

I would encourage you to use my recipe as a base and add or subtract ingredients to find the perfect mix for yourself. That was the part I found to be really fun, as I had my husband, Nathan, in the kitchen helping me with it. 

This Montreal steak seasoning is totally customizable. Allergic to onion? Leave it out! Want more kick? Add more dried chili flakes. It is easy to experiment with it, and this gives you a great base to find the perfect blend for yourself. 

Montreal Steak Seasoning
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Why I Love This Recipe 

This Montreal steak seasoning isn’t restricted to just steak. It can be used to season almost anything, and is delicious. 

It is beyond easy to make, and is a really kid-friendly recipe for littles wanting to help out in the kitchen. Teaching them to make something from scratch versus just buying it in the store is a great start to them becoming budget-conscious adults. It also gets them involved, learning how to measure and mix ingredients. Those are memories that will last a lifetime. 

Making my own Montreal steak seasoning saves me money. I’m all about ways to save money, especially with inflation and gas prices the way they are right now. Why pay someone else to make something I can do myself at home, especially when it is so simple? 

This spice blend also makes a great gift for father’s day or the holidays, for anyone who loves grilling meat. 


Have you tried making this Montreal Steak Seasoning yourself at home? Do you ever experiment with making your own spice blends? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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  • Frances

    I’m not the best cook on the planet, so I never think about making spice blends like this myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in convenience and a lack of skills that we depend on pre-made mixes. But you’re teaching me how easy it really is to make my own.

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