Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Cauliflower Soup 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup is my latest recipe, and it was a huge hit in my household! Soup is always a favorite staple in my house, and this newest recipe will certainly make its way into the rotation consistently from now on. 

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If you’ve ever read my parmesan roasted cauliflower recipe, then you know cauliflower is a definite go-to vegetable in my household. It is delicious and so simple to make. When I found the inspiration for this roasted cauliflower soup recipe, I was beyond excited to try it out and share it with Nathan. 

Nathan really enjoyed this roasted cauliflower soup too! I picked a really chilly night that was perfect, and I had it done just as he came home from work to enjoy as he relaxed for the evening. 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup Ingredients 

Cauliflower, 10 cups or 2 ½ pounds. Don’t worry if it is over or under a bit. 

Olive Oil extra virgin, ¼ cup 

Butter, 6 tablespoons 

Onion, yellow, diced 

Garlic, 3 cloves, minced 

Thyme, 1 teaspoon 

Tarragon, 1 teaspoon, rough estimate is a couple pinches or leaves off one or 2 stems 

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Vegetable Broth, 4 cups 

Heavy Cream, 2 cups 

Cream Cheese or Sour Cream, 8 ounces 

Prosciutto, 3-4 ounces, thinly sliced 

Pine Nuts, ½ cup 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup Directions 

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. 

Chop the cauliflower into smaller pieces and spread out on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Bake for about 25 minutes until fork-tender and starting to brown in spots. 

In a large soup pot, melt and cook the butter until it is a light golden brown color. Note that brown butter is not the same as melted butter. 

Add in the diced onion, garlic, thyme, and tarragon. Saute until onions are tender and translucent. 

Stir in the vegetable broth and roasted cauliflower, bringing to a gentle boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until the cauliflower is soft and tender. Think mushy cauliflower at this point, and you’ll have it cooked perfectly. 

Add in the heavy cream, and either cream cheese or sour cream, bringing to a simmer over medium heat. 

Using an immersion blender, blend the soup until it has a smooth consistency. You can also use a traditional blender, but do it in batches, not filling the blender up more than half way. If you use a traditional blender, be sure to remove the steam vent on the lid, otherwise you can seriously injure yourself because the soup is hot. 

Ladle the soup into bowls and garnish with the prosciutto and toasted pine nuts, and it is time to serve! 

Nothing left to do but enjoy this delicious soup. 

Why I Love This Recipe 

I love this roasted cauliflower soup recipe because cauliflower is a favorite vegetable for both me and Nathan. So it was a natural progression to turn that from simple roasted vegetable to a soup that incorporates and celebrates cauliflower. 

It is also really easy to make. I made this in under an hour, with minimal effort, and it didn’t dirty up a bunch of pans either. Just the soup pot and a cookie sheet. This is a recipe that is perfect for a cold winter weekday night that feels hearty and filling, especially for a soup. 

Vegan Substitutions 

It is super easy to make this roasted cauliflower soup recipe vegan, and I love that! I’m a stickler for vegan food that hasn’t been processed or manipulated, and this is a perfect recipe for that. 

For the butter, substitute vegan butter

Use coconut cream in place of heavy cream. 

Omit the prosciutto. 

That’s it! It really is that easy to make this recipe vegan, and I know I will be making it for a vegan friend the next time Nathan and I invite him over for dinner. 

Toasting the Pine Nuts 

There are two ways to toast pine nuts. Using the oven or the stovetop. 


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spread the pine nuts out on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Don’t overcrowd the cookie sheet, allow space to shake and the pine nuts to move around.

Toast the pine nuts in the oven until lightly browned and fragrant, shaking the pan once or twice in the middle, to give an even toast on both sides. 


To toast the pine nuts on the stovetop, place the nuts in a single layer in a frying pan or skillet over medium heat, stirring frequently with a spatula. Keep stirring and moving the nuts around until they are lightly browned and fragrant. 

Once they are toasted, transfer to a plate to cool. 

Stovetop toasted pine nuts for my roasted cauliflower soup.


I prefer to toast my pine nuts on the stovetop, because I feel like I have more control over them. This is one of those things where it is easy to forget about, and on the stovetop, I am forced to pay a lot more attention to it, and that means I am less likely to burn them. Take your own cooking skills into account when deciding how to toast the pine nuts! 

Both the pine nuts and prosciutto are optional ingredients, but I found them to be essential. Both are big textural elements in the soup. It is totally up to you if they are included though. 

Check your salt levels as you make this roasted cauliflower soup. The dairy products in it can and may completely drown out the salt in the soup, and more may be required. Be sure to taste as you go, and adjust the seasoning as needed. 


Have you ever made roasted cauliflower soup yourself? What is your favorite go-to soup? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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